Friday, February 5, 2010

Vanilla or White Chocolate Breading Pudding Recipe for 2

Again with Valentine's Day right around the corner, this is an excellent idea for a great classic - bread pudding.  Since I can't eat chocolate, I tweaked the recipe that my husband loved, Chocolate-Bread-Pudding-For-Two and came up with something I could enjoy as well!

Try some of the variations such as vanilla and dried apricot bread pudding - or experiment with various liqueurs such as Grand Marnier or amaretto - use almond extract instead of vanilla or use dried orange peel along with the Grand Marnier for delicious variations.  Still yet, try dried blueberries and vanilla - just soak the dried blueberries and drain before using.  There are so many possibilities I think I will be making this dessert for quite some time!

This recipe is a bit different in that it toasts the bread cubes before assembling the pudding - it really did seem to make it a better pudding for the toasting.  Also experiment with the bread - sweet breads are good but equally good are French bread cubes and even bagel cubes! 

Whatever way you try bread pudding though, it is always a hit - and there are many variations as well with caramel sauces and whiskey sauces, etc.  You can experiment and experiment and never tire of the dessert!

White-Chocolate-or-Vanilla-Bread-Pudding-for-Two on Hubpages


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