Friday, February 5, 2010

Cabbage Rolls Traditional Recipe and Then Some

For anyone who has German heritage, cabbage rolls are a family favorite.  However, they actually originated in Finland or so history goes and this is a Finnish recipe I found recently in my 30+ year old Betty Crocker International Cookbook. 

However, this recipe sports a variation - instead of the traditional red sauce (which is listed at the end of the recipe as a variation), this one is done in a creamy white sauce and is just fabulous!  If you want a delicious dinner for a cold winter night, this is an excellent version of the traditional cabbage roll recipe.  There is also a video in the hub about making cabbage rolls in the crockpot - equally delicious.

Still further, see my quick and easy variation on cabbage rolls on hubpages.  It is so easy to prepare it is crazy and it was so delicious!

Cabbage-Rolls-The-Old-Fashioned-way on Hubpages

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