Friday, February 5, 2010

Does Having Medical Procedures Have to Rob You of Your Dignity?

This is my little take-off and gripe about medical procedures but also a funny look at my own experiences being at the mercy of 'care providers'. 

While I wholeheartedly applaud the medical profession (which I am in fact a part of as a medical transcriptionist), I think that health care providers need to take a step back and look at themselves and ask how they would like to be treated in similar circumstances.  For the most part, when we have procedures done, we are totally at the mercy of these trained professionals, however, in my humble opinion, many of them have forgotten one really, really important word - DIGNITY. 

As an 'old lady' of 56 years, I really don't like having my body put on display - unless it happens to be superimposed with a Victoria's Secret model's body - give me a break!  I especially don't like being put into situations either where my sagging boobs are being displayed for the whole world to gawk at!  (Not that they would be gawking mind you) 

My whole point is - as in any other line of work - do your job - but then think beyond the job and think about the PERSON involved.  Show them some modicum of dignity and hopefully it will lend itself to a more relaxed and assured patient!  I know in my case, I probably could have reduced by blood pressure by about 20 points had someone thought to show me just the rudimentary elements of human decency while I lay there buck naked on the table! 

Forget dignity in dying - I would prefer to have dignity in living!

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