Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Easiest Perennial In The World To Grow - Basket of Gold or Yellow Alyssum

The-Easiest-To-Grow-Perennial-In-the-World-Basket-of-GoldIf you want a low-growing (12 inches maximum height but spreads 18 inches outward) that is beautifully sunny and yellow for weeks AND blooms again late summer, the Basket of Gold or Yellow Alyssum perennial is for you.

This little plant is hardier than you would think and survives drought and not only survives, but seeds itself.  It is a great front plant in a perennial garden and loves any place where it can 'drape'.  It is great in rock gardens and is easily multiplied as noted above just by seeding itself or collect the seeds and replant.  You can also make cuttings easily from this plant and have more and more.

In short, this is one durable little plant that is beautiful to look at cascading down slopes or from pots.  Butterflies and bees love it so give it a try! 

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