Monday, March 1, 2010

Mistletoe Extract and Its Fight Against Cancer

Mistletoe extract has been around for decades but it is now becoming widely recommended in the treatment of various and sundry kinds of cancer, although it must be stressed that this is not a 'cure' for cancer.  However, studies in Europe are proving that at the very least, this herbal remedy is reducing the side effects that most cancer patients experience and even if that is the 'only' thing that this herbal remedy can do, that is pretty remarkable.

Studies have shown that mistletoe extract improve patients' appetite, increase their energy levels and decrease their pain levels.  This is truly a remarkable adjunct to the conventional methods that we think of in the fight against cancer and I would only hope that in some fashion, our country will get on board in beginning trials with this powerful herb. 

People can obtain the extract on their own but it should be emphasized that the only successful way to use mistletoe extract is under the guidance of a qualified health professional.  There are clinics in larger cities here in the United States who are procuring it and administering it to their patients.  For more information, see this connection to the hub on herbal remedies - mistletoe extract.


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