Monday, March 1, 2010

Comparison of Holistic Approaches to Medicine

Whether you embrace the tenets of alternative medicine or anthroposophical medicine, there are some very good points to be made for the overall comprehensive view these theories of medicine take to the human body.  In both of these sciences, it is believed that one portion of the body cannot function properly if another portion of the body or soul is out of alignment.  That would seem to be a fairly logical view, however, in conventional medicine, we are taught that to have a symptom must mean something is wrong and if we but treat that one thing that is wrong, we will be 'cured'. 

These are interesting philosophies of medicine and I believe they both have great merit.  When used in combination with conventional medical methods, it would stand to reason that people would be freer of disease and symptoms and if not completely cured, then at least more able to cope with the ravages of certain diseases. 

Comparison-of-Alternative-Medicine-and Anthroposophical Medicine

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