Thursday, January 28, 2010

Iditarod 2010 - Coming Soon To a TV or Website Near You!

I can't wait for March 6th, 2010 as that will mean the start of one of my favorite sports - the Iditarod.  Though the great sled dog race has many lovers and haters on both sides, I think that in the modern world, the race is a testament to dog sports.  The mushers that I profiled in my hub below were selected because of their dedication not only to the fine sport of dog sledding/racing but because of their overall personalities and their love of their dogs.  I in no way mean to exclude or infer that other mushers do not have the same passions or compassion for their dog teams, but these are just 6 of my favorite of all time.  My choices were also based on an element that I always look for in people I have known or perceive to know from afar - sense of humor.  Also wrapped up in all of these people is a superb level of dedication - to their sport but also to life and all the parts of it that we hold dear.  All of these people seem to have an unsurpassed ability for survival as well or an ability to rise above and perform positively in the face of adversity.  For all those qualities and more, these 6 mushers are in my so-called 'hall of fame' and I wish them all well in whatever endeavor they are pursuing at the moment.  These 6 people have made the world a better place to be - not just in terms of mushing but in terms of the greatest race we are all in - that of life!

Iditarod 2010 - Mushers Past and Present

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