Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sweet Potato Cheesecake Recipe

This is probably going to sound 'weird' but combining cheesecake with the words high fiber probably is! Not to worry though  - no one will know! Or they don't have to unless you tell them!!!

I recently was told to go on a high fiber diet and had been searching about for recipes and came across this recipe from a book I had out on library loan.  Unfortunately, I neglected to write down where I found this gem but it is so good.  It combines 2 of my favorite things - sweet potatoes and dried apricots.  I should throw in 3 things because I absolutely love cheesecake.

This little dessert weighs in with 2 grams of fiber as it capitalizes on Fiber One cereal as the crust - but in all truth, you could substitute any other high fiber cereal for the crust or homemade granola - or combine with cereal and nuts for the crust as I often do. 

I think it is marvelous to use these 2 entities together and can still 'delude' myself that I'm eating something healthy which in fact I am! Hope you enjoy it as well.


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