Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cream Cheese Pie Crust and Tart Recipe

What else to do when the weather turns to snow and sleet and you have a bit of time to spare?  Decided to hit the cookbooks I had on hand (mine and what I have saved in my notebooks) and found this delightful recipe that I think may replace my tried and true pie crust recipe - or at least be an alternative. 

Anything with cream cheese catches my eye when it comes to pastry simply because it seems to hold together very well and be easy to handle - as well as delicious!  This recipe although a bit lengthy really seems to be practical and pretty easy to make though I know a lot of folks like the fail safe method of going to the supermarket, picking up a ready-made crust and calling it a day.  I prefer the challenge of seeing if I can get the pie crust to work and secondly to taste wonderful.  I can't say that I hate seeing the look of pure rapture on people's faces when they taste it and it is delicious! 

At any rate, I think this pie crust will do the job very well for tarts and pies and it is on my list for 'to makes' for Super Bowl Sunday - not sure if I'll use it for a savory pie along the lines of chicken pot pie or if I'll go 'all the way' and make a pecan pie or tart or a fruit pie.  Whatever it is, I think this pie crust will stand up and be counted! 

I especially like that you can refrigerate it for several days and/or freeze for several months.  Enjoy.



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