Monday, January 25, 2010

Painting Can Be Dangerous When You Are Not Athletic!

We are back to the problem yet again - my lack of athleticism.  Who knew that painting a stupid house could get me into so much trouble?  Who knew that painting a house would or could require me to know how to be an acrobat?  Whew - I'm very glad I've given it up in my 'older age'

I think they should really post warnings on ladders - oh wait - I think that they do.  Maybe they should have a couple more warnings that say for instance 'do not use if you are stupid' or 'do not use if you have no common sense'.  Of course, knowing myself, I would laugh and have a good chuckle over THAT one - as IF they were talking to ME!  You have to be kidding!  I'm the most intelligent person I know - except when it comes to doing something as terrifically simple as painting a house.

I have decided that the problem lies in my personality.  I am too quick to do everything, giving it little or no thought as to the consequences.  I would say I am impulsive but that would be insulting.  I am just a doer rather than a thinker - yeah, I'm sticking with that.  God forbid that I would actually think something through before I attempted it.  I always say though that I am a hands-on person rather than a read-the-manual type but as you can see by this illustration of only ONE of my many screw-ups, I probably should reconsider this approach to life and get a clue.  Too late in the ladder department as after a few mishaps like this one, I decided that ladders should stay far, far away from me - and vice versa.

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