Monday, January 25, 2010

Maybe I Could Have Made the Special Olympics

Okay, so maybe I wasn't the most agile of athletes nor the most proficient at any sport, but I have to say, what I lacked in coordination and skill, I more than made up for it in drive and perserverance.  Too bad I failed miserably as a child to come up with anything that even resembled athleticism!  I surely wanted to.

As a child brought up by a music teacher who lived and breathed music, literature, music, theater, music (did I mention music?), it was not very easy to excel at sports.  I was not even allowed to play sports as I might 'damage' something like my hands, which were only supposed to be used for playing piano, accordion, or the clarinet.  I have to insert here that I was NOT a willing musician by any means.  I had this longing to do sports and as you can see from my post, it did not go well.  Maybe in retrospect, I should have stuck to my musical endeavors after all (although I was most famous for getting my dress caught in my accordion rather than for my musical abilities).

The moral of my story is never quit - never say you cannot do anything! And even if you can't do it well, do it for comedy!  At least I could excel at that one thing.  If they had had Comedic Olympics or at the least Special Olympics back in the 1960s, who knows - I could have been very famous.

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