Monday, January 25, 2010

Super Easy Chicken Florentine Homemade Pizza

Last night, I was desperately behind in terms of all the chores I had to do because my helpmate and husband, Bob had had his wisdom teeth pulled a few days before and he had not been up to his usual level of shouldering the workload.  Between working, blogging, doing photography, keeping up with the house and the new puppy, I was surely a quart low and then some!

Since he was getting very tired of my soup de jour coming at him ad nauseum and puddings and ice creams constantly being thrown his way, he begged for something 'real' to eat.  Letting him have the last word on the matter so to speak with his poor mouth, I decided perhaps a thin crust pizza might be just what the doctor (or in this case the dentist) ordered.  Sure enough - it was a hit and it wasn't so thick as to hurt his mouth any more than it was already hurting.  I got rave reviews!

I had to improvise a bit to get it 'just right' but I was very pleased with what I concocted with some things I actually just had on hand so did not have to make a dash for the market which was another bonus.  I am thinking in retrospect of a million different tweaks or variations that I can do on this recipe and listed a few at the end.  It was so simple and I looked like a hero for coming up with something 'regular' for him to eat! Three cheers for pizza!

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