Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sunriver Oregon

If you are looking for a wonderful place to go on vacation as a family, individually, a place to hold a wedding or social event, or even a place to schedule a seminar - Sunriver has it all.  Sunriver at any time of the year has the amazing ability to please anyone and everyone.  There are simply that many things to do.  In summer, you can horseback ride, river raft, golf, hike, fish and swim.  In winter, you can snowshoe, nordic and alpine ski, sled, ice skate, and enjoy the beautiful high desert Sunriver Lodge. 

Accommodations in Sunriver are unsurpassed in their amenities and their wide range of prices.  Most all come with everything you'll need to have a self-contained vacation as most come with well-stocked kitchens.  Most come with their own hot tub where you can gaze at the stars on a summer or winter night.  Most rentals also provide bikes to traverse the more than 35+ miles of bike paths surrounding Sunriver.

Sunriver by far is one of the ultimate resort communities because it feels like home rather than a stuffy resort.  However, that said, you can still wine and dine, enjoy such luxuries as a spa and a health club and all the outdoor activities that you can imagine without ever leaving Sunriver.  For convenience, there is a small mall in the center of town complete with several dining establishments and a wonderful bakery.  There are 2 small grocery stores within Sunriver, one of which has a gas station.  There are also 2 golf courses as part of Sunriver and many, many more in the surrounding communities.  Sunriver even has its own airstrip.

If you are looking for a wonderful place to vacation or schedule a business meeting, Sunriver is your place.  Happy vacationing and happy traveling!


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