Sunday, May 23, 2010

Favorite Funny Stories: Soccer Bloopers

One would think that starting to play sports at age 38 is a bit much.  Especially if that sport happens to be soccer.  All in all though, this experience serves as the back drop for my favorite funny stories and my soccer bloopers.

I never do anything halfway and am probably a type AAAA personality.  When I realized that I truly wanted to learn to play soccer, there was nothing to be done for it except to join a league - which I fondly refer to now as 'old lady soccer'. 

It was a truly wonderful experience, even through all the injuries, all the training, all the botched attempt to be athletic and actually be pathetic!  It taught me much though about the sport, about athleticism in general, and how to not be quite so hard on yourself.  It also taught me a lot in retrospect about being a team.

I grew up being forbidden to play sports - because I was a musician and because I was a girl.  I think that was perhaps some of the draw in wanting to play later in life - that and the fact that all 3 of our children played sports nonstop from a young age through high school and even into college.  I discovered that contrary to my family's knowledge, I loved sports and I had a keen understanding of many of them.  Unfortunately, my body didn't quite follow suit - and hence the perfect beginning for my favorite funny stories and soccer bloopers.

Just remember - you are never to old to try anything!  After I gave up soccer, I moved on to urban mushing!

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