Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Smith Rock State Park in Central Oregon

Whether you are an avid rock climber or just love to hike or mountain bike, if you are ever in Central Oregon, Smith Rock State Park is a must see!  It is oftentimes called the gem of the state parks in Central Oregon and is routinely visited by more than 500,000 rock climbers from all over the world per year.  On any given day 365 days per year, you will find many and varied visitors to the park making the 1/2 mile steep climb down to the canyon floor - whether it is to fish, to picnic, or to hike or rock climb.  Dogs are allowed but the leash law is strictly enforced - it is a $142 fine to have any dogs off leash.  Make sure you bring plenty of water as the climb back up the trail is grueling.  Also make sure you stick to all denoted paths as this is rattlesnake country and there is a danger at any time of running into one suddenly.  There is tent camping available just off one of the parking lots, which mostly is used by climbers, but there are many campgrounds in Central Oregon which can be located through the Bureau of Land Management.


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