Saturday, July 24, 2010

Favorite Funny Stories: The Whale Watching Adventure

Everyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about many things. One of those things is the Orca whales.  They are a marvelous thing of beauty and each and every time that I have seen them, I have been struck anew with what a privilege it is to see them in their natural habitat - I am speaking of the Orca pods of the beautiful Pacific Northwest and viewing them from San Juan Island.

However, one summer, I decided to arrange a special whale watching tour because my middle son, Patrick is severely visually impaired and although he had seen the whales many times, he had not really 'seen' them because they were too far off shore. 

What ensued was a Lucille Ball-like adventure on the prow of the whale watching ship we were on hoping to see the said Orcas up close and personal.


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