Saturday, July 24, 2010

Favorite Funny Stories: Diving In - The Story of the Pool

When I was 17 and very impressionable, I had just left home and was living in a religious group.  This was out of self-preservation I imagine at the time but I did not truly 'fit in' as well as I would like.  Especially confounding was one particular day when we as a group had all gone swimming and much to my embarrassment, when I stripped to my bathing suit, I was literally swarmed with young men - I had shown up in my only bathing suit - a bikini.

In my efforts to dissuade these boys from following me everywhere - literally - I decided to exit one of the swimming pools and move to another where some older folks were swimming.  In my haste, I did not realize that one pool was NOT the exact same as the other swimming pool but instead reversed.  Here is my story of my embarrassing moments!


Search for bikinis for women

Search for swimming pools above ground

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