Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Day In The Life Of Griffin (Today My Little Lucifer)

Ah puppyhood; the image below says it all.  How innocent he looks!  Wrong! 

I imagine it has something to do with the fact that our temperatures have dropped 20 degrees and with the cooler weather, everything for Griffin seems more appealing.  He has been being such a good little lad at 4 months and 46 pounds that I almost feel guilty complaining.  However, yesterday was a stellar day in terms of him proving that yes, indeed, he is still a puppy.

He went through his usual morning routine of streaking like a bullet back and forth on the deck for probably an hour as he did laps around Denaya who just looks at him with her usual disdain.  Perhaps if she had a cup of coffee in the mornings, she would get a bigger kick out of him.  I'm thinking of trying it.  He seems undaunted that she is not impressed by his agility nor his energy level as he streaks past her with one toy, then another toy, even throwing in some barking spins as he tries to capture her attention.  Finally, after realizing that he is not going to get far with the Ice Princess I suppose, he decides to go in search of fun.  He finds it; in the form of Bob's grassy area that Bob put in specifically FOR Griffin.  I think Griffin missed the memo on this addition as for some crazy reason, he seems to want to UNMAKE it.  He somehow manages with his little baby malamute teeth to find the seam in the sod and proceed to rip off strips and then fling them all over the backyard for Bob to find and put back.  Bob puts rocks or bricks on top of them to hold them down; Griffin moves the bricks.  Bob puts up a fence to keep him out of the grassy area until such time as he can quit doing this.  Griffin leans on the fence and bends it down to where he can jump in; but strangely he cannot get back OUT.

Well, having rearranged the grassy area to his satisfaction, and being covered from head to toe now in dirt and mud, he discovers my flower garden yet again and proceeds to get under THAT fence and dig away.  Two large bare areas later, he proudly decides to go check back to see if Denaya has observed all his little antics, all the while tracking mud and dirt all the way up the freshly cleaned deck.  When Bob steps out to check on him, the grassy area is pretty much trashed (yet again), the deck is now COVERED in mud and dirt (not to mention one little Lucifer being a mud pie), and he can look down and spy what he has done to my flower gardens again!  Good times!

You would think that this would suffice for one day's entertainment for our little Griffin but no.  He is not done yet.  He is just getting started. When I get off work and proceed to go into the kitchen to start dinner, Bob is in the living room and he is talking to me.  We are actually BOTH right there.  Griffin is in the house now running from the dining room to the living room playing with toys, trying to annoy Denaya who is secretly plotting how she is going to dispose of him.  We don't really think anything about the noise we hear until it dawns on both of us at the same time; oh NO!  It was a gnawing noise and that can never be good.  We both jumped at the same time to spy Griffin chewing the front off of one of the upholstered dining room chairs!  That was quick.  Home & Garden is not going to like that look!  Minutes later, after having reprimanded the devil, after having sprayed all the other chairs with Bitter Apple see link for spray, we both are stunned.  How can such a little dog do so much damage in such a short period of time?  Especially while we are RIGHT THERE! Last week it was Bob's Bose headphones and the same thing.  He was sitting right there; somehow Griffin snapped the cord right in half and managed to bite off a piece of the ear piece all in the space of 2 seconds.  Frightening is what it is.

I was very happy to see the day come to an end and head to bed for a little reading, a little TV and maybe a little playtime with Lucifer.  I decided though it was a good time for a soak; that would really be a good thing to help me relax.  Thankfully, I had more fabric for the chairs; we can have the chair redone so it was not a total disaster.  It was just a very long day.  "Calgon Take Me Away" never sounded so inviting. As I was soaking my cares away, eyes closed, I suddenly got the feeling that I was not alone.  On opening my eyes, there he stood; looking at me with pure mischief in his eyes.  I was worried for a minute that he was going to "take the plunge" and decide to jump into the jacuzzi with me.  He decided to just look and then go on his merry way.  Of course, he scoots out and goes into our bedroom, where he proceeds to relieve himself on the floor; something he has never done!  Now all I can say here is that this about tears it.  If that is the kind of response I can count on when someone sees me naked, I guess it's over!  Good lord!  Bob came flying in when he heard me yell.  Of course he ended up thinking it was very amusing that on seeing my naked person, Griffin decided he needed to relieve himself.  Hopefully, this will not be an ongoing pattern but I think in the future, I should remain covered at all times.  Definitely got the feeling that I brought out the best in him! 

Yesterday was a long, long day.  Today (thus far) has been better but the day is still young.  We are predicted to get snow tonight so heaven only knows what Lucifer will dream up to do tomorrow!

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  1. Wow Audrey...your pictures are fabulous and so is your writing. Can't wait to get home to hug my Ladi...